Camp is always great. AND it can be even better when you bring a friend (or two, or three, or four…). As a bonus for you, for each new friend that signs up for camp, you will get a $50 credit on your summer camp registration!

When you refer-a-friend, we will mail them an invitation to camp along with helpful resources to get them registered and get you your $50 credit.

There are two great ways to refer-a-friend:

1) REGISTER FOR CAMP and enter your friend’s contact information at the time of registration. All we need are their name, parent’s name, email address,


2) FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW if you’ve already registered for camp. You were so excited about going to camp that just couldn’t stop telling people about it and one of them wants to come too; this form is perfect for getting us the information we need to send them their personalized invitation.




  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


• Credits will be applied when you and your referred friends have attended camp.

•Referral forms must be received prior to your camper’s (and the referred camper’s) arrival at camp.

•If your referral is already in our system, you will be notified of the duplication.

• Friends may only be referred once. First referral will receive the credit.

• Credit is void if referred friend cancels registration. Credits will be applied to your account once your camper and friend(s) sessions are complete.

• Credit is good towards registration fee only.

• You may not earn more credit than your cost of camp. (But we will give you the BIGGEST high-five, if you recruit ten friends!)

• Credit is not valid for siblings of the referring camper.