Come to camp and make cool stuff! This is the camp for those who like to figure out how to make things and have fun with the end result, even our mistakes. Biggest bubbles ever, rockets, and boomerangs built by a group and then shared with others! All the best camp activities are included in the week so that everyone has a chance to share in swimming and canoeing, hikes, conversations about faith, campfires, and more.

Grades 2-4
June 25-28 (Sun-Wed) | Lake Lucerne

Grades 4-6
June 25-30 (Sun-Fri) | Lake Lucerne

Grades 6-9
June 25-30 (Sun-Fri) | Lake Lucerne

Choose a pricing tier A, B, or C based on your family’s ability to pay. Our goal is to ensure all can enjoy camp while still maintaining mission viability through the generosity of many.
Scholarship information is also available here.

Tier A (Partially Subsidized) $450 (Sun-Fri)/$250 (Sun-Wed)
Tier B (Direct Cost) $500 (Sun-Fri)/$280 (Sun-Wed)
Tier C (True Cost) $550 (Sun-Fri)/$300 (Sun-Wed)