For campers who are always on the move! Athlete or non-athlete, everyone is part of the action. Emphasizing cooperation rather than competition, this is a week of fun, both new and old games, exploring Christian attitudes about competition, and learning new skills while having a great time. At this camp, cooperative Christian spirit flows through the games, ropes course, waterfront, hiking, Bible study, evening campfires, soccer skills practice and so much more.

Grades 2-4
August 1-4 (Sun-Wed) | Lake Lucerne

Grades 4-6
August 1-6 (Sun-Fri) | Lake Lucerne

Grades 6-9
August 1-6 (Sun-Fri) | Lake Lucerne

Tier A (Partially Subsidized) $400 (Sun-Fri)/$240 (Sun-Wed)
Tier B (Direct Cost) $450 (Sun-Fri)/$270 (Sun-Wed)
Tier C (True Cost) $500 (Sun-Fri)/$300 (Sun-Wed)