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Tied Together

A Camp Community Fundraiser

As we tell the story of our adventures in tie-dying, you are invited to consider how you might invest in our camping ministries to help sustain and support our camps so that campers can continue to be blessed with the beautiful rainbow colors of community, faith-development, adventure in nature, and experiences of God’s love through our camp ministries.

We are all Tied Together

Every summer at camp, one of the most beloved and longest lasting traditions is tie-dye. Some groups tie-dye shirts, bandanas and most recently we have tie-dyed backpacks for campers.

The beauty of tie-dye is that even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make something amazing. With a little direction, campers pick some colors and go to work putting dye into their bundled item. We put it away for a few days while the dye soaks in, waiting and wondering what it will look like later.

Campers go on with their week as well, growing closer as a community. Later in the week, the staff rinses out the dye and we hang up the beautiful, bright masterpieces near the dining hall. The clothesline is an amazing rainbow of colors. Campers run up to them to find theirs and I’ve never seen a camper disappointed with what they created.

It’s uniquely theirs and yet, it’s part of this larger community since everyone has their own. As a camp, we recognize the beauty in each design, but also know we are one community and one family.

Our hope is that during this time of stillness at the camps, we are in a process of still making something beautiful. That as a camp family, we can come together, tied together, to start creating the beauty that will come when camp can be open again.

We hope you will consider joining us by making a monthly or one-time gift to camp, committing to sustain us and help us. We are anxious to see that beautiful clothesline that God has planned for us in the future. It will be good to be there with you.


What does the need of the camp look like?

This year, with the absence of the expected 2020 summer camp season, we will need the help of our camp family. While we are working hard to reduce or eliminate expenses, we are still caring for the camp employees who have served us well for years. We have not reduced or eliminated any year-round staff positions so far and we are hopeful we can keep that commitment moving forward.

The summer camp season represents about 70% of our total ministry income in a given year. That loss is profound and while we have strong endowment and foundation accounts to help us, we would prefer to not deplete those funds too quickly as they represent a safety net for us as a ministry.

While some of our variable costs can be unpredictable (40+ buildings, infrastructure and over 700 acres of land between the two sites), we will be only doing the tasks that are needed to sustain us this season.

At the same time, we are bringing on a team of 4 highly experienced summer staff between the two sites to continue doing ministry in whatever way that may unfold this summer. We have high hopes of creating new digital resources to support local churches and families until we can get back to the face-to-face ministry we are called to.

How can I help as a family or an individual?

As a family or supporter of camp, you likely know the benefits of camp and how God uses these spaces to do remarkable things in our families and our lives. There is a closeness and a restoration that can happen in a time at camp.

By contributing to camp, you help ensure these places continue to do this good work well into the future.

With this being an on-going need, the greatest gift to camp would be a monthly, on-going gift. Even a smaller amount each month would mean a continuing support as the expenses continue to occur in camp in the weeks and months ahead.

One-time gifts are certainly welcome too! We appreciate and understand that everyone has a different financial situation. We don’t plan to have any “tiers” or “levels” to our giving campaign. Similar to the story of the widow who gave what she could (Mark 12:41-44) we encourage gifts to be what makes sense for your situation.

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How can we help as a church?

As a church, a partner in ministry to our camps, you have a unique opportunity to support and help us. Here are some options to consider:

  • Please promote our fundraising need and efforts at your church. The more people are aware of a need, more the help we can receive.
  • Some churches with camp scholarship budget lines have offered a portion or all of that scholarship fund for the 2020 season as a gift to the camps. This is tremendous! Please do not deplete your camp scholarship funds completely though as we want to ensure that campers can return with any financial assistance they may need next season.
  • When we are able to operate safely again, please return to camp for retreats, confirmation events, family gatherings and everything you used to prior to COVID-19. We want to be a part of the healing process for your church as well, creating new connections and fellowship when we are able.

If you want to discuss more about these ideas or any others you might have, please email Pine Lake Site Director, Nick Coenen.

A symbol of our connection to each other

For each gift we receive, we will make miniature tie-dye t-shirt in that gift’s honor. We will hang these together around camp as recognition of how we are all tied together in this season, adding to the clothesline with each additional gift we receive. We hope this will serve as visual encouragement to our staff and others as we share the story of how our camp family came together when we needed it most.