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Since 1947, the camp settings at Pine Lake & Lake Lucerne have been providing life-changing experiences of spiritual growth.

Great stories of firsts come from these places. The first time away from home. The first time catching a fish. The first time worshiping around a campfire. The first time eating a s’more. And for some, the first time they felt God encounter them personally.

A lot has changed at Pine Lake & Lake Lucerne over the years, but it still feels like home to campers that come back to visit. The quiet of the lake, the wind through the trees and the sound of voices singing together still wraps it’s way through the forest.

We are eager to offer you the Christian hospitality and care that has always been a part of our story. We can’t wait to have you at summer camp, host you for a retreat, or support your family, ministry or personal retreat!

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Impact Report

We know why camp is important and you probably do too. This impact report is a comprehensive view of how Wisconsin United Methodist Camps are making a difference in the lives of campers, families, and congregations. If you like data to back up your love of camp, then this is for you.

Statement on Racial Justice

Dear UMCRM members, supporters, and friends,

Last week’s events have exposed the multigenerational suffering that white privilege and systemic institutional bias have inflicted on black and brown people of color in our country. The United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries Association stands in solidarity with our black and brown campers, retreat attendees, staff, and community members. We are committed to diversity, anti-racism, and positive support for our society.

While UMCRM has taken steps to develop ethnically diverse leaders and build an inclusive community, it is not enough. We are committed to working together with our Conferences, camp and retreat centers, leaders, and families to continue to reflect the love and light of Christ that denounces hate and racial injustice in our culture.

The Black Lives Matter movement reminds us of systemic issues that are counter to the Christian faith and call us to change. Our prayer and intent is that the UMCRM community can and will be part of the larger movement that is striving toward positive, fundamental change in our dynamic world.

– United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries Association Board and Staff

Board of Directors: Ron Bartlow, Kim Bell, Russell Davis, Abigail Fuesler, Sharon Godbolt, Brant Henshaw, Cat Holbert, Jody Oates, Jeff Parsons, Samuel Richardson, Sarah Ratz, Arthur Spriggs, Joel Wilke, Matthew Williams

Staff: Jessica Gamaché / Association Director, Jen Burch / Administrator

As members of the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministries Association, the Wisconsin Board of Camp and Retreat Ministries affirms this statement as part of our ongoing commitment to love and welcome all.

We recognize that words, in and of themselves, are not enough. Our love for God and for one another must lead to faithful action that enables us to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are creating a Vibrant Ministry Task Force to explore how we can be doing better in the context of camp and retreat ministry, learn from other ways of doing ministry, and take concrete action.

We ask for your grace and your patience as we grow in this area and work towards a more complete ministry going forward.

Board Members: Bill Busch, Doug Clement, Nate Cook, Matt Taylor, Laura Pfeffer, Salud Rodman

Staff: Sue D’Alessio, Nick Coenen

Current Openings at Lake Lucerne

Seasonal Employment

For a summer of life-changing experiences and life-long friendships, seasonal positions are available as summer camp counselors, healthcare coordinators, and program support staff.

Applications for Summer Staff 2021 are open NOW!

Life-changing opportunities await...

Year-Round Employment

Whether beginning or continuing a career in outdoor ministry, our year- round teams are made up of food service, maintenance, housekeeping, and administration in both full-time and part-time roles. 

Current Openings at Pine Lake

There are no current openings at Pine Lake. If you would like to learn more about potential ways your skills and talents could benefit the ministry of Pine Lake, send us a message at pinelake@wisconsinumc.org.

Current Openings at Lake Lucerne

There are no current year-round openings at Lake Lucerne. If you would like to learn more about potential ways your skills and talents could benefit the ministry of Lake Lucerne, send us a message at lakelucerne@wisconsinumc.org.

Our Staff

Sue D’Alessio
Director of
Connectional Ministries
Nick Coenen
Site Director
Pine Lake Camp
Jess Shaker
Camp Manager
Lake Lucerne Camp
Ann Marotz
Administrative Assistant
Camp & Retreat Ministries
Jamie Coenen
Program Coordinator
Pine Lake Camp