Adults with Differing Abilities Eligibility

Pine Lake Camp is a positive, Christian environment. We understand that our campers have a variety of strengths, needs, talents, and gifts. We do our best to encourage personal growth with each person by letting them determine their own level of participation.
Our staff helps bridge the gap so campers can have a full camp experience.

We have had to make the hard decision to change our eligibility requirements. We know that this will be hard for some families and we are very sorry.

  • All campers will need to be able to take care of their own hygiene and toileting needs.
    • Pine Lake staff will be able to assist campers with verbal cues and reminders
  • We will not be able to assist with major mobility issues
    • Pine Lake staff will not do lift assists

Oasis programs (formerly Special Needs) at Pine Lake Camp are best for people who are:

  • Reasonably proficient in activities of daily living.
  • Mild to moderately challenged and able to be fully supported by a 1:5 staff to guest ratio;
  • Able to sleep through the night; no awake 3rd shift provided.
  • Over the age of 18; the average age of campers is 30-55.

Those that don’t meet the self-care criteria may bring a trained attendant. Attendants/companions are charged half the camp rate.

Individuals with a degree of severe to profound disabilities are not eligible due to the limitations of the volunteer staff.

We reserve the right to evaluate the camper after arrival at camp and send the camper home if he/she is not able to care
for his/her own basic daily living needs.

Rules for acceptance and participation are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or age.