Working Together To Be Together At Camp

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The Journey Back to Camp Starts With Giving Tuesday

Summer 2020 (and even the year of 2020) was far from what we had planned for. The absence of campers running, laughing, swimming, singing, and growing in faith was one of the more difficult seasons at the Wisconsin United Methodist Camp. When we made the decision not to hold camp sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew it was the correct decision, but it was difficult all summer long.

Thankfully, as time has passed, we have started to see hope for what summer camp can possibly look like in 2021. Our knowledge of the virus has increased as has our confidence that there is likely a path for us to hold summer camp sessions again in 2021.

That path is not likely easy though. While we all watch case numbers and have hopes for a vaccine, our camps must start planning now for a level of precaution that will allow us to hold most of our camping sessions. These preparations can be costly, so our hope is to invite our camp community to partner with us as we plan and create a program that can be safe and still provide a social experience of faith for campers this summer.

On December 1st, Giving Tuesday will be the major push for us to meet as many of these costs as possible so we can keep our camper rates as low as possible so camp can be accessible to as many as possible. Your help will be critical for our success this summer!