September 7-September 10, 2023 – Fall Relaxation Retreat

Body and Soul
Learn, (and taste), how the foods we put into our bodies affect our mood and mental health

Join us for our 3rd Annual Fall Relaxation Retreat! Enjoy a time away with as much or as little activity as you need. Our level of activity can play a part in our mental well-being and ability to wind down and relax. We will bake some bread, learn about grounding, go on a rock hunt in the dark, and try our hand at making healthy snacks. Favorites from past retreats like yoga, hikes, meditation, tea time, water activities, Christian music, crafts, and a lovely prayer labyrinth will be brought back by popular demand. Enjoy evening vespers at the campfire, plenty of free time, a gorgeous retreat center to stay in, meals cooked for you, and a connection to God’s gift of relaxation given to us all, because he loves us.

What to bring: Journal or Notebook and Pen, Yoga Mat, and or blanket. Favorite Christian song to share. A favorite tea if you’d like to share (a variety will be provided). Rain activity or craft. Christian Video if you have one you’d love to share on a rainy day. IF you want to fish, you’ll need to purchase a license prior to camp. We will have experienced anglers on hand to help you, and provide gear and bait, and even help you clean the fish so you can bring a meal home!

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Double Occupancy Room (pick your roommate), meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch $250.00
Single Occupancy Room, meals from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch $300.00