Grades 2-4 | Grades 4-6 | Grades 6-9 | Pine Lake
A progression of camps where creativity is the key. Perfect for campers who love to be creative and express themselves through all mediums of art! Projects will be geared towards each age level as campers increase in skill and ability through fun and challenging projects they work on together and independently each day.

June 14-17 | Grades 2-4 (Sun-Wed)
June 14-19 | Grades 4-6 | Grades 6-9 (Sun-Fri)

Choose a pricing tier A, B or C based on your family’s ability to pay. Our goal is to ensure all can enjoy camp while still maintaining mission viability through the generosity of many.
Scholarship information is also available here.

Tier A (Partially Subsidized) $400 (Sun-Fri)/$240 (Sun-Wed)
Tier B (Direct Cost) $450 (Sun- Fri)/$270 (Sun-Wed)
Tier C (True Cost) $500 (Sun- Fri)/$300 (Sun-Wed)