Learn how the magic of camp happens! If you have ever wanted to learn about working at camp, this is the perfect opportunity. Explore, develop, and practice your leadership skills with hands on experiences with team building, activity leading, and group games.

After this week of camp, campers will return as a Junior Counselor to practice their newly learned skills while being monitored by experienced camp staff. This is an excellent addition to your resume for college or the workforce.

Grades 9-12   

June 16-21 (Sun-Fri) | Lake Lucerne

Choose a pricing tier A, B, or C based on your family’s ability to pay. Our goal is to ensure all can enjoy camp while still maintaining mission viability through the generosity of many.
Scholarship information is also available here.

Tier A (Partially Subsidized) $475 (Sun-Fri)
Tier B (Direct cost) $525 (Sun-Fri)
Tier C (True cost) $575 (Sun-Fri)