Spotlight is our performing arts camp! Throughout the week campers will spend time creating and learning music, taking on a new role in performances, and learning to express themselves through movement and motions of dance. At the end of their week they will show friends and family what they learned with a special performance at our end-of-week FamilyFest!

Grades 2-4
July 14-17(Sun-Wed) | Pine Lake

Grades 4-6
July 14-19(Sun-Fri) | Pine Lake

Grades 6-9
July 14-19(Sun-Fri) | Pine Lake

Choose a pricing tier A, B, or C based on your family’s ability to pay. Our goal is to ensure all can enjoy camp while still maintaining mission viability through the generosity of many.
Scholarship information is also available here.

Tier A (Partially Subsidized) $475 (Sun-Fri)/$250 (Sun-Wed)
Tier B (Direct Cost) $525 (Sun-Fri)/$280 (Sun-Wed)
Tier C (True Cost) $575 (Sun-Fri)/$300 (Sun-Wed)