Join us one last time at Lake Lucerne to end the summer on a positive note! This is a short week camp that’s guaranteed to be filled with loads of fun! Experience all that camp has to offer, Bible study, worship, nightly campfires, swimming and boating, with an extra focus on water activities! 

Grades 2-4, Grades 4-6, Grades 6-9 | July 30-August 2 (Sun-Wed) | Lake Lucerne

Choose a pricing tier A, B, or C based on your family’s ability to pay. Our goal is to ensure all can enjoy camp while still maintaining mission viability through the generosity of many.
Scholarship information is also available here.

Tier A (partially subsidized) $250 (Sun-Wed)
Tier B (direct cost) $280 (Sun-Wed)
Tier C (true cost) $300 (Sun-Wed)